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  • Physical Infrastucture : The College has Spacious, Airy, Well-Maintained Double-Storeyed Building. All the rooms are well furnished.

  • Computer Wing : To make students computer literate, the college has well fabricated computer wing with Multimedia, Internet and Email facilities. The college provides not only computer education but education through computers also. To enhance the quality of education, the college arranges for rich Educational capsules every year in various subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Social Studies, English etc.

  • Sports : The college has a stadium spread over one acre land. It provides facilities for Volley-Ball, Basket-Ball, Lawn-Tennis, Kho-Kho. Well built rows ensure comfortable and convenient viewing of players in action. The college has a multi-purpose auditorium having Badminton court and Table-Tennis facilities.

  • Evaluation : The faculty gives personal attention to the students and interacts with them closely on a one-to-one basis. The students are assessed through a system of continuous evaluation involving assignments, tests, research review and documentation, presentation, industry-internships projects, and written examinations.

  • Audio-Visual Room :To make the process of learning interesting the college is equipped with a well furnished Audio-Visual Room. It enables the students to understand the practicaled subjects more mindly and deeply. It relieves the students of the traditional methods of learning.

  • Other Facilities : The College has the facility of 24 hours electricity supply and purified cooled water.